See why we care

Why do we care?

Our approach to social responsibility is catalytic and proactive. This means, that we base our strategy on strong commitments to the projects we undertake and that, in our approach, we are committed to long-term impact and clearly defined goals of impact.

Social Responsibility originates from Henrik Lind’s wish to take an active part in society and make a difference for vulnerable people. It builds on the fundamental belief that we all hold a potential however, the sum of the contingencies of life and the choices of the individual means, that some people are more challenged in unfolding their potential.

It is our believe, that we have a shared responsibility towards one another to help and support making it possible to unfold these potentials. Therefore, we engage in and support projects that contribute to changing and developing the circumstances of individual’s lives and societies through a measurable social impact. We strive for the change to have a lasting impact that develops the individual as well as society. That is why we work in a close partnership with our supported projects so we together can make a difference and help as many people as possible in the best way possible.

How we work

1. Before commitment

We screen all projects based on our criteria to get a thorough background knowledge. We compile data from which we compose an initial SROI analysis to define the amount of value the work of each project generates – both in a social context and to society in general. This screening process enables us to get a thorough understanding of the project’s vision, work and value creation before we make a commitment.

2. After commitment

We continue to be in close dialogue with our supported projects, and we expect to be able to gather continuous data to compose annual Social Return on Investment reports (SROI) showing our individual project’s impact and value. We involve ourselves and our network, we share our feedback, and we help raise public attention to certain issues because we believe, that most value is created through long-term development processes.

3. Impact measurement

We conduct a Social Return on Investment (SROI) analysis based on an in-depth valuation of our projects. In this analysis, social effort is converted into a monetary value.

Our Five Criteria

To assess potential new projects, Lind Invest has developed five criteria which express our view on social responsibility and represent our expectations to our supported projects.

  • Lasting effect
  • Clearly defined objectives
  • Organisational structure
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Impact measurement

Contact information


Do you have questions about our approach or supported projects, our Social Responsibility Manager, Gitte Thordahl Jespersen, will help find your answers.