We had a sit down with our CEO, Henrik Lind and Chief Investment Officer, Kasper Herrestrup to ask them how it all started and where we are going.

Kasper Herrestrup on

what makes a good investment in Lind Invest

“We always look for situations where the interests of all parties are aligned and where transparency is high. With that in place, we know exactly what risks we are facing, and we can easily assess whether the expected return will compensate us fairly for those risks.”


Henrik Lind on

Social Responsibility

“At Lind Invest, we believe that we all have potential, but the sum of individual choices and the contingencies of life mean that some people are more challenged in fulfilling their potential. It is our belief that we all have a shared responsibility to one another to help and support where needed to make that happen. Accordingly, it is important to me that Lind Invest engages in projects that aim to educate and develop individuals and society with the main objective of creating social change and achieving results that lead to sustainable development with lasting impact.”


Kasper Herrestrup on

the meaning of proactive ownership

“We believe that a company’s primary objective is to deliver returns to its shareholders in a sustainable manner. This is best achieved through sound corporate governance and high business ethics. Companies like that will be able to attract the best talent and over time achieve the lowest cost of capital, enabling them to be the most competitive in the marketplace.”


Henrik Lind on

the importance of people

“It’s very simple. It is people who get ideas – and it is people who turn these ideas into reality. So, when we invest in a business, we invest in its people.”


Kasper Herrestrup on

processes of making investments in Lind Invest

“We have a clear internal investment and decision-making process. This is not rocket science. In essence, it is our ability to constantly making real-time decisions as soon as our criteria and requirements are met.”


Henrik Lind on

Where will Lind invest be in ten Years’ time?

“If you had asked me that ten years ago, I would not have been able to predict the path that we took to where we are today. To me, the most important skill for us going forward will be our ability to continue progressing on our learning curve, combining constant readiness to adapt to market conditions with the firm foundation of our values in order to retain our competitiveness. My ambition for Lind Invest is to continue being among the most successful family offices, measured by our results and by the way in which we achieve those results.”