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2017 was a historic year, not only for Lind Invest but for the entire Group. In fact, 2017 was the best year of the Lind Invest Group – ever. Lind Invest achieved profit after tax of DKK 612 million equalling a return on equity of 25,8%, bringing the average return on equity for the past ten years to 39,1%. This significant 2017 result is due to very strong operational perfor­mance in all business areas driven by skilled, ambitious and passionate people. These people are our employees, and they are our most valuable asset. Our employees pos­sess by far the greatest potential of all possibilities going forward.


2016 was a highly satisfactory year in terms of both strong financial results and strategic positioning for the coming years. Lind Invest achieved a profit after tax of DKK 374 million resulting in a return on equity of 20%. The 2016 result was achieved through good performances by both our Group Companies and Investment Activities together with the tireless efforts of our highly skilled, ambitious and committed employees who every single day try to do things a little smarter or better than the day before.


Lind Invest achieved its best ever annual performance in 2015, posting profit after tax of DKK 417 million for a return on equity of 28.4%. 2015 was also the year when we benefitted the most from our strategies and positioning vis-à-vis the market situation in both in our Group Companies and Investment Activities. The 2015 Annual Report explains how Lind Invest generated value in businesses as active owners by describing the development of the investments for which the Group’s ownership ended in 2015.


With a net profit of DKK 89 million in 2014 (2013: DKK 346 million), the Group’s profit decreased by 74% in 2014 – in what may be called a hard landing! However, 2014 brought both challenges and successes. The biggest challenge was the focused alignment of the Group’s largest investment which was completed at the end of 2014. Success was seen in the realisation of several investments within the Group with highly attractive returns to follow. Moreover, the Group expanded its platform of risk management and preparations for further growth were completed.


This year’s profit of DKK 341 million (2012: DKK 222 million) in Lind Invest Holding drove equity past the DKK 1 billion mark. In this annual report, we reflected on the concepts of market and capital discipline and on active ownership which in our view is essential for creating value. We believe that focusing on these parameters is one of the main reasons why we have got to where we are today.


The 2012 Annual Report presented the best results in the Group’s history, showing significant growth in earnings, revenue and business activities. These historic results should be seen in the light of considerable investment and strong growth in the Group’s portfolio companies. We are very proud of this year’s excellent results which we attribute in the main to our talented employees’ tireless efforts throughout the year. Also in the 2014 Annual Report, we introduced the concept of Social Responsibility.


2011 was a satisfactory year for the Group despite the political uncertainty in Europe and the banks’ general reluctance to lend. Backed by its high equity ratio, Lind Invest had little need of co-financing. In 2011, we managed to grow our business primarily through our own funds. We are proud of that. In 2011, Lind Invest achieved a highly satisfactory profit before tax of DKK 225 million.


Lind Invest and all its subsidiaries are subject to the following policy which sets targets for increasing the ratio of the under-represented gender in the management of the Group Companies.

This policy and its target figures are also intended to ensure that the Group complies with the requirements of the Danish Companies Act on policy targets for the gender composition of the top management body.

Our policy is based on women as the under-represented gender due to the Group’s current gender ratios.

Read the Lind Invest Group’s policy for 2017 on the under-represented gender in management below.